Frequently Asked Questions

Q:-Will wormer plus kill ring worm?
A:-Yes, wormer plus will kill ring worms known as nematodes which are microscopic and can’t be seen by the naked eye. Wormer plus is very effective against this pest, where some other wormers are not.

Q:Will  wormer plus make my PH, GH go higher?
A:-No, only a very minuscule amount of naturally sourced calcium carbonate is blended with the flubendazole unlike some other ‘cheap’ gimmick copy cat wormers, and this will hardly effect any readings.
A:- Can wormer plus be used with plants?
Q:- Yes it is 100% safe to use with plants.

Q:-Will this product harm my filteration?
A:-No, it will not harm any filter systems as long as you follow the instructions on the back of the pack.

Q:-Will this wormer kill snails?
A:-Yes it is possible, this product will kill certain types of snails. If you have any you keep as pets, it will be necessary not to use this product with them and treat fish in a second tank away from them. The same goes for shrimps.

Q:-How long do I leave the wormer in the water before I can do a water change?
A:-It is best to do a good water change before treating with this product, and leave any water changes four days before doing any more.

Q:-Do I need to treat a second dose?
A:-Only in cases of heavy infestations will a second dose be needed.

Q:-Do I need to turn off my UV?
A:-No it is fine to leave any UV’s on during treating with this product.